3-Session Nutrition Package*


Getting to know the client.
Measuring a base from which to start building.

The first session is primarily a ‘getting to know you’ session where the client’s measurements are taken and we discuss the individual needs and goals of the client. From this session, a unique nutrition plan can start to be formulated.

The aim of this package is to help the client put in place a strong nutrition base from which they can build on. This approach takes work from the client to analyze their own likes, needs and lifestyle so that the nutrition plan they work towards is sustainable.

The client will be given a file in which they can build their knowledge through handouts, homework and recipe collection.


Food portion and nutrition planning according to the client’s unique needs.
This session looks at food portions and helps the client use their new knowledge to create a base nutrition template for their nutrition plan based on their individual lifestyle and calorie needs.

This session will provide the client with a basic understanding and the tools to start making their food work for them so that they can realize their goals.


Mindful eating and how this helps with weight loss and increased well-being.

This final session will look at mindful eating and how this can help the client to slow down and appreciate a healthier and more nutrient dense diet. ‘Building a relationship with your food’.

All of the sessions will include goal setting and review of goals to support the client in their journey of healthy change.

*Package completion within 4 weeks

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