Why trekkers should consider yoga

When you’re putting one foot in front of the other, ascending through the fog, your body swaying from side-to-side as the knees ache with every step - you wonder how you could have come a little more prepared.

Yoga can help prevent pre and post trek pain with its range of breathing and stretching. The vast range of stretches significantly helps to prepare your knees, hip, and back from potential injuries. If you’re a trekker and haven’t picked up yoga, here are a few other things the ancient practice can do for you.

High altitudes

Practicing yoga allows for better oxygen absorption, meaning you can cope better with tighter air and higher altitude training that mountains demand. The deep, focused breathing helps open the lungs and allows us to absorb greater levels of oxygen, keeping us more focused on achieving what we set out to.

Strength and endurance

Yoga improves core and muscle tone, meaning we can achieve more from a hike through strength. A stronger and more defined core helps our bodies last the distance and persevere through the tough peaks. We are able to trek further and stay more determined throughout.

Keeps us at ease

The breathing and meditative effects of yoga increases the awareness of the beautiful natural environment around you. It helps relax the mind, which ultimately means that we can push through higher pain barriers.

Our bodies are designed to achieve so much more than our minds allow us to, and with yoga, we can train our minds to accept the unknown and persevere through the exhaustion or muscle pain before hitting that summit.

For hiking, it comes down to mind over matter. By practicing yoga our bodies can stretch that extra mile, helping us feel like we’ve accomplished something by stepping out of our comfort zones – and this is where the real adventure begins!

Traditional Yoga - Om Shiva Yoga

Founders : Asokan & Juliana
Om Shiva Yoga is one of the more established local boutique Yoga studios in Singapore, offering small classes with a personal touch at affordable prices. Our Teachers are experienced, passionate, dedicated and strongly believe that Yoga is a Way of Life and not just an hour of physical exercise. Our studios are located at Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village and 01-02B Horse City, 100 Turf Club Road (Bt Timah). Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student, we look forward to welcoming you soon to our home and community.


The most unique studio in Singapore offering yoga classes in the midst of lush greenery and wonderful fresh air. Our studios are located at 45 Jalan Rumia, Chip Bee Gardens and 01-02B Horse City, 100 Turf Club Road. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student, we look forward to welcoming you soon to our home and community.

We offer beginner and intermediate classes in English, Mandarin and Japanese taught by experienced instructors in a variety of styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Yin, Power, Alignment, Yoga Therapy, Kripalu, Partner Yoga, Kids Yoga, Moms & babies Yoga as well as Pranayama and Meditation. To enable us to provide the necessary individual attention to each student, classes are kept small with a maximum of 25 students per class. Upon request, we also offer one to one private sessions.

Juliana at 36 weeks pregnant


Juliana’s first contact with Yoga was a little more than 10 years ago, when her sister brought her for a class. At that time, however, she didn’t know that Yoga was to be her path in life! Several years later, she started Yoga again, and this time she felt all the mental, physical,emotional and spiritual benefits. She found that she was focusing much better, her health was improving, her body getting trim and fit, and she was becoming more open emotionally and spiritually.

Juliana enjoyed yoga so much that she now continues on her life journey with yoga full-time, dedicating herself to the practice of yoga while teaching
and sharing her passion. She likes teaching yoga very much, as it is really wonderful and heart warming to see happy faces at the end of every class. Learning is a life-long journey; Juliana continues to attend other teacher’s classes, workshops, and training courses to improve her own practice as well as her teaching.Juliana graduated from the Sivananda Teacher’s Training Course and the Yoga Instructor’s Course of SVYASA, Bangalore where she thoroughly enjoyed
learning about and debating the philosophy of yoga. She is certified by Global Family Yoga and Karma Kids Yoga to teach Kids and Teens. Juliana is currently focusing on Pre and Post Natal Yoga as well as on the well-being of women in terms of general health and fertility.

Through her interaction with fellow practitioners and teachers, Juliana was exposed to many new things including Ayurveda, healing energies and Reiki. She is a Level 1 Reiki practitioner and seeks to to further her knowledge in Ayurveda, and to integrate her yoga practice and teaching with Reiki and Ayurveda. She continues her education in Yoga by attending more training courses, workshops and through teaching as well. Juliana is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200.

Address: #01-02B 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287992

Traditional Yoga - SSMY

SSMY believes that yoga is a holistic therapeutic approach, can improve health and maintain balance. It is for everyone, no matter what lifestyle issues a person may be experiencing. You could be suffering from back pain, stress, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, thyroid problems, arthritis, diabetes, etc. There is definitely a yoga therapy to relieve the discomfort and improve the overall well-being. 
With well-trained experienced yoga therapists and teachers, ATC members will learn a sequence of yoga therapy practices including yoga cleansing techniques, yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, meditation and special techniques for specific lifestyle disorders. At SSMY yoga therapy class, the class size is kept small, so that each student can benefit from the practice and enjoy a unique personal experience.

Furthermore, at SSMY, classes are built for all individuals and allows everyone to practice yoga regardless of age, gender, race and fitness level. ATC members will feel the benefits of every class as you aim to improve wellness of mind, body and soul. SSMY focuses on the 3 pillars, yogic breathing- where the emphasis is on breathing right and balancing energy flows; meditation- where you cleanse our hearts and cultivate your true identity to achieve sobriety; yoga asana- where you develop control of the body and maintain physical balance and health.

  • Yogic breathing and yogic sleep
  • Meditation
  • Vinyasa
  • Yoga for abs
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Hatha restorative yoga

Address: 123 Penang Road, Regency House #04-13, Singapore, 238465
SSMY Location

Ascend Yoga Therapy

Ascend Yoga Therapy derives its inspiration from a sacred spring nestled in a remote valley in the Andean mountains of Peru.  This idyllic location has a strong connection to Pachamama, Mother Earth, which is the root of all our practice. Ascend Yoga Therapy is a RYS, Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Our Ascension 200hr programme is internationally accredited with exclusive recognition from *Yoga Alliance.

Our daily yoga classes are based on the seven Chakras which are energy centers in the human body that represent different aspects of life including the psyche, physical, energetic and spiritual. Specific postures are used to target these areas to strengthen awareness and control in your practice. The classes are led by experienced and certified teachers to ensure safety and consistency.

The classes are complemented with meditation and sound and aroma therapy to provide a holistic experience. 

Ascend Yoga Therapy has a spacious bright loft style space with heaps of natural light and amazing view of the Singapore River located on the end of Boat Quay, Central Business District.


Suraya is an indigo child that believes in the ability to heal oneself and others using ones own energy. This knowledge was passed down to her from three generations of healers in her family. Her self-realization came in her early teens, guided by her mother who practices Sufism and Inca Mythology in The Sacred Valley of Peru, Dr. Anodea Judith of Sacred Centers who practices Psychology, Chakra Yoga and Therapy, Martha Collard of Red Doors who practices Kundalini and Gong Meditation.

Ascend Yoga Therapy, a RYS - registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance was founded by Suraya - a certified E-RYT and YACEP with over 20,000 hours of teaching experience to help and guide one to understand the sacred science of yoga through the Chakra system. The ascending classes at Ascend Yoga Therapy are complemented with meditation and sound therapy to provide a holistic experience.

Address: 82 Boat Quay #03-01 Singapore 049870

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