Why Join ATC?

Join the Amazing Trekkers Club if you...

Want to get in shape.
Appreciate the magic and beauty of nature.
Want to improve your lifestyle and need support.
Want to discover the world and make friends along the way.
Want to be disciplined, conscious and committed to your fitness goals.
Yearn to experience the therapeutic power of the great outdoors.
Want to be a globetrotter, but prefer to be surrounded by peers.
Want to feel strong mentally and physically.
Want to feel empowered and confident.
Want to feel part of a community that shares your passion.
Want guidance from experts in all aspects of fitness and travel.
Want to feel safe and prepared for whatever nature has in store for you.
Want to travel responsibly while discovering different cultures.
Need  guidance, coaching, and support from professionals.
Have a taste for the finer things in life, yet seek adventure.