We are disciplined in our desire to achieve new heights - both personal and physical. Starting with our preparation for each expedition, no matter how ambitious, we ensure that we are prepared and so are our Trekkers. We make this commitment to ourselves to ensure we deliver.


From the very first notion of the opportunity to help others to the delivery of the club and through the establishment of partnerships around the world, we have challenged ourselves and our members to reach new summits, in the gym, on the trail and in business.


We are aware that there will be times when the journey gets tough. But what spurs us on is the desire to create a community that can benefit our members and the countries that we visit. Each interaction provides the opportunity to make an impact - socially, environmentally and as a group. Together we make the world a better place.


Theme line: Prep. Trek. Connect.

Brand Pillars: Every trek is the result of Preparation. Both from a personal point of view and the organisation’s point of view. When it comes to organizing treks, we make it our mission to seek out the best possible partners in each destination to enable a smooth, hassle-free journey every step of the way. From providing fitness and nutrition programmes prior to a trek, to the actual trek itself, we ensure we are well-prepared and we wish to ensure our trekkers are too.

Each Trek is a challenge to both body and mind. From the first step to the last, we challenge ourselves as an organization and in person to overcome physical and mental challenges. We do this with spirit, heart and soul.

Our organization is as much about friendship, camaraderie and shared experiences as it is the journey. By Connecting like-minded women with the determination to deliver exceptional experiences every step of the way, we empower each other to achieve new heights in our fitness, partnerships and in the environment we operate in.