TREK - Penang, Malaysia (1 Day)

Penang Hill is a hill resort comprising a group of peaks on Penang island, Malaysia. It is located in Air Itam, 6km west of the city centre of George Town. Penang Hill is also known by the Malay name Bukit Bendera, which actually refers to Flagstaff Hill, the most developed peak.

Penang Hill covers a number of hills, with the highest point at Western Hill (833m). The hill stands out prominently from the lowlands as a hilly and forested area. It was used as a retreat during the British colonial period, and is now a popular tourist destination in Penang.

There are many trekking routes to Penang Hill from different starting locations. We will climbing Penang Hill via the popular Moongate trail. The Moon Gate Entrance is a round shaped opening resembling a full moon and thus referred to as a moon gate in Chinese architecture. The trail can be divided into three stages.

1st consists mainly of steps. It is vertical ascent of 250m over a distance of 1.2km (Bukit Timah Hill about 140m over a similar distance). Just before the rest stop at #5 the steps change into a well-kept earth trail.

2nd is an enjoyable, easy jungle trail. The elevation change is gradual - about 180m over 2.3km. It ends at #84 rest stop where it meets the Jeep Road.

3rd is the Jeep Road which is a steep ascent of 340m over 2.5km. It is tough but you can walk at your own pace and enjoy the views.

We will walk to the Convalescent Bungalow and the abandoned bungalow beyond it which was situated at the highest point of Penang Hill at 790m. We then have an option to return to the Top Hill Station to take the train down to Ayer Hitam or to descend the 1500 steps back down to the Botanical Gardens. The Penang Hill funicular railway is the only one of its kind in Malaysia, transporting over a million visitors to the peak of Penang Hill as of 2014.

At a Glance:

  • Height: 833m
  • Estimate time of trekking: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • 1 night stay at resort
  • Transfers from the hotel
  • Entrance fees, hiking permit, guide fees
  • Meals (Dinner, breakfast, lunch, trail snacks
  • Climbing certificate, badge, t-shirt and hat
  • R&R and George Town Shopping trip after trek
  • Gorgeous views of Georgetown

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Itinerary Overview (1st September 2017)
Enter trail through Moorgate
Arrive at rest area 5
Leave rest area 5
Reach boulders
Downhill stretch
Exit onto jeep track
Exit onto jeep track
Pass entrance to Richmond
Arrive at Penang Hill’s The Habitat and other attractions
Exit onto jeep track

*Please note that all timings are estimated and subjected to actual ground conditions.
*You will need to purchase your own medical and travel insurance.

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