Smovey Vibroswing

Smovey Vibration RingsThis ergonomic vibration ring can be used to give an extra boost to your fitness walking. By swinging this weight, you’ll be able to increase your range of movement while the resistance gives you a toning workout.

Inside the ring, steel balls that move with the tube and increase in weight with your movement. The balls create a vibration in your hands, pairing with the natural vibration frequency of your body.

We use these to get an upper body workout, increase calorie burn and tone arms. Our trained professionals will be able to teach you some basic ‘smoves’ so you can get the most of your workout.

See our tips and workouts to find out more.

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Order your own Smovey today and smile, move and swing.

Smovey Vibration Rings
Smovey Vibration Rings
Smovey Vibration Rings