The Amazing Fit Programme

The Amazing Fit programme is designed to prepare you for your chosen adventure. Every part of our programme ensures you will be ready for a fun, safe and memorable experience. The day you make a promise to yourself to summit a mountain, we pledge our commitment to ensure you are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to achieve your goals.

So whether that is getting fit for an easy trek in Bhutan or working towards a more ambitious difficult climb such as summiting Kilimanjaro, we'll ensure you are Amazingly ready. Our experts are available to provide support and guidance in trekking, fitness training, cleansing, health and nutrition programmes and life coaching.

After the trek, we will continue to help our members maintain their healthy lifestyles and to reach their goals of climbing mountains, trekking jungles and forests, driving through deserts.

Amazing Fit Programme Components


Optional Components

Life Coaching
Nordic Walking
Smovey Vibroswing
Essential Oil / Aromatherapy