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Message From Michelle Lowbeer, Author and Mother of 2

Lovely ladies, it has been a pleasure and honour being part of your group...and as I am leaving Singapore tomorrow I am going to gracefully depart this WhatsApp group. Thank you for all the memories, I have loved being part of this group!! 😘


Gunung Bentan, Bintan, Indonesia, 2D1N Mothers & Kids (MKT) Adventure Trek (28th to 29th October 2017)

A big thank you to Hazleen, Ani and Becca for an amazing experience.  You guys did a wonderful job with the planning, organisation and execution.  Thank you so much for bringing our children into the experience of building resilience while having fun and making friends. have a good rest, everyone. 😘 from Kiran and Ela

Dr Kiran K (ATC Member, ATC Medical Advisory & Mother of 2)


Yes, I concur. Thank you all for the amazing experience Hazleen, Becca and Ani.  Katherine and Hannah are already nagging me for play dates with their new friends.  Have a great week!!!

Michelle Lowbeer (ATC Member, Author & Mother of 2)


And Vinder Viper has already surfaced in many of Anjalis stories to her brother.  Tx for motivating the kids and empowering them.  Great to meet all of u.  Here is to many more!!

Sindhura Sunkara (ATC Member - 1st trip with ATC)


Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience ladies !  The memories and stories from our trek will go far !! 🌸🌸🌸🌸😘

Namita Raj (1st trip with ATC)


Thank you to ATC for the memorable weekend.  Well-organised and full of fun all weekend.

Asmita Ranade (ATC Member - 4th trip with ATC)


Thank you Hazleen & Team.  Lovely memories ♥🌟

Catherine Lobley (ATC Member - 3rd trip with ATC)


9D8N Kilimanjaro Trek Via Lemosho Route (15th to 24th September 2017)

Hi Hazleen
I just wanted to thank you very much for organising our Kilimanjaro trek!
The whole trip was amazing, a great adventure in a wonderful place.
The team of porters were fabulous and the hotel lovely too.
We all thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was incredibly hard!!!!!
Sorry taken me so Long to send this, have been ill since I got back , recovering now and fly out this week to Sydney!
Hope all is good with you....
Thx again

Julia Wallace (ATC Member)


Message From Takako (ATC Member), Leaving Singapore For Japan

I've told you many times but I tell you now and will tell you forever, you guys are amazing.  You all are my treasure I found in SG.  I was so happy to be a part of the great people.  You keep walking and lifting up women to love themselves and live their life 100%.  I will keep on climbing my life, too.  Thank you again for your friendship, kindness and inspirations. Hope to see you before I leave....

1st October 2017       

4D3N Gunung Merapi & Borobudur Adventure - Trekking & Yoga Retreat, Yogyakarta - Central Java (28th September to 1st October 2017)

We just landed early!!!!  First time in years!  Sorry girls, have to run off & check on my Daughter, safe drive home.  Thanks Hazleen, Shah & Ani for a great trip!  Look forward to the next one.  See you all again soon xx

Fotini Paraskakis (ATC Member)


Ani, Shah and Hazleen, thank you all for organising such an amazing trip.  I had a blast!! 😘

Michelle Lowbeer (ATC Member, Author & Mother of 2 - her 1st mountain trek)


Thank u Hazleen/Shah n Ani for organising a wonderful trekking trip.. appreciate the advise n help.  Thank u to all new friends n my pretty roomate Asmita.. sorry if i snore... see u all soon... ✌

Jumi Yusoff


Thank you all for your wonderful company on a memorable trek.  Thanks to the ATC team for the wonderful organisation.  It made the experience one to cherish.

Asmita Ranade (ATC Member - 3rd trip with ATC)


Hazleen thanks for another amazing trip. It's a testament to the group you put together that I can be vulnerable.  You know that's not my thing 😉.  But everyone is so strong and supportive and open because you bring people together.  See you soon 😘

Justine Feighery (ATC Member)


Thank you Haz, Shah n Ani for another memorable journey towards our dream.  Good food and fabulous hotel.  I'm half asleep, my Sister is in bed exhausted n sleeping deeply.  We had a fantastic time with u beautiful ladies and looking forward to another great journey to the unknown.  See you all soon . Have a good rest ❤

 Rozy Laino (ATC Member - 6th trek with ATC)


Wow nice video Hazleen
Glad u took it i did not realized how scary it was i was only focusing on getting up and how the hell are we going to get down. It was the most challenging hike I ever done.
By the way sorry for the late reply.
Than you So much for letting me be part of your group. A memorable and good trip with nice all rounded women
It was good to get to know you all.
Hazleen you and your team went above and beyond to ensure our safety, have all of our needs and have a good time. Keep up the good work I hope to go for another hike with you provided it is an easy ones😄😄
Quote taken from Slyvain Leroy book, on the slopes of Javenese volcanoes,
"Grains of sand make up the mountain, moment make up a year, and happennings make up a life."
So, a few women climbing one mountain, inspired women every where to realize their potential.
Good luck, keep up the good work Hazleen and all the best to all of u ladies. Be safe😘😘😘

 Roziawati Baharudin (ATC Overseas Member)


Message From Michelle Lowbeer (ATC Member, Climbing Mount Merapi) To Our Programme Director, Rebecca Taylor

Becca, you are our fabulous, fearless leader. Thank you for your guidance, support and walking poles!

4th September 2017 (Night Walk With ATC) 


Message From Buyana Davaa (ATC Member Based In Mongolia) - 4th September 2017

Ladies in ATC amazing 😉!!  Always encouraging and motivating!  Super ladies!


Message From Brit-Elin (ATC Member Based In Norway)

I am a Norwegian woman that will turn 54 in less than two weeks. At 33 I got a whip lash injury. In my fourtees I was diagnozed with fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis, and the last addition to the "collection" is asthma.

I HAVE to hike to function and not detoriate too fast. Walking on an uneven surface surface keeps my joints more flexible and less painful. Physically it's a balance on a tight rope between too little and too much activity, but pushing it can be very rewarding in other ways. Being outdoors hiking is always empowering, encouraging and soothing for heart and mind.

I have a very strong connection to nature. As a child I hiked in the mountains and felt that I could dissolve into small particles and be blown away in the wind - true mindfullness and a deep, strong feeling of freedom and belonging.  This kind of well-being is the best kind of painkiller to me, and sharing moments like this with others is like a gentle gift from Mother Nature.

Hope everything went well, I could have written pages.. I am sure we will meet again, either here or in Asia. Keep up the good work, you make such a big difference in so many lives... 

2nd September 2017


2D1N Gunung Ledang Trek - 25th to 26th August 2017

Thanks everyone for having me, a great day in the green to recharge body and brain! I'm proud of you Berit! 😘

Elisabeth Schwarz 


Message From Michelle Lowbeer (ATC Member and a mother of 2) To Our Founder, Hazleen Panayiotou

I really meant what I said this morning... you are an amazing and inspiring woman. 

2nd September 2017


Message From Deepthi Reddy (Who Relocated From Singapore To California, USA) - 17th June 2017

Hazleen: 😂

Will send pics of me crossing rivers jumping boulder to boulder! Thanks for introducing me to trekking. Best decision ever. And you were always there encouraging everyone. A true leader 😘


Message From Dr. Saravana Pillai Arjunan (2017 Singapore Mount Everest Team) To Our Founder, Hazleen Panayiotou

Thank you for the kinds words. Importantly, You have been an inspiration to yourself and the many ladies in your club. As the saying goes, You Are The Difference and You Create The Difference. You have led & leading by example. Keep it up.  I'm more than willing to share what I've experienced. Hope it makes a difference.

13th June 2017 

Letter Of Thanks - 4th June 2017

Hazleen, don't make me cry... 😑 Don't know how to say goodbye properly. It's very difficult to leave the group I enjoy. Will always bring this unforgettable memories with ATC. I was so lucky to be part of this group in Singapore. Amazing women and mother of kids. Always get negative feedback in my society about trekking and loving the mountains as a middle aged woman. Love you ATC and those amazing women. Hope to trek with you again. Mt. Rinjani is still in my bucket list and may join with ATC again for that trek. 💗💕

Nang NKKH (ATC Member from Myanmar) 

4D3N Yushan (Jade Mountain) - 20th to 23rd May 2017

All thanks to ATC for the inspiration and opportunity 

June Lim (ATC Member)


Thanks Hazleen!  Thanks so much for the guidance, training and support. Wouldn't even dare to imagine trekking a mountain so high before meeting ATC.  The journey had been amazing and encouraging.  HUGZ!  And thanks all members for the messages given to Team Jade.  Thanks! Hugs Hugs.  It's been possible because of you gals.

Angela Teo (ATC Member)


The Bond Of Trekkers Is Strong

Thank you everyone for this amazing trip.  I really had a wonderful time with you all.  Hopefully we can trek together again for another big mountain.

Nang Kein Kham Hsam (ATC Member)


This was a wonderful experience!  So happy to have achieved this with each and every one of you.  I will remember every part fondly, even the night of no sleep.  Thank you all.

June Lim (ATC Member) 


Letter Of Thanks - 18th May 2017

Shah, thanks for sharing such a great experience!  You are an epitome of grit and endurance.  You go girl.

Parents Teacher Group (Saint Joseph International School)


3D2N Bali (Mount Batur & Mount Agung Treks)  - 7th to 9th May 2017


It's all good.  Nice to mix and match - mentally and physically.  The event was tough but also awesome.  I think too little sleep and recovery can cloud your judgement and put the best in a bad starting position.  Follow your heart, it knows the way!  Hmmm I need to follow my own advice!! X

Kirsty Smith


Hazleen hi

I wanted to thank you for a memorable few days in Bali last week.  Whilst I did not complete the treks, I really did enjoy getting away, meeting you and the other girls and experiencing Bali.  You have created quite a monster in ATC, one that will keep you busy and invigorated for time to come I am sure.  And it is awesome that you are so full of energy to do so.  Thank you again.



3D2N Hong Kong Trek (Lantau Peak, Dragon's Back and Twin Peaks Extravaganza) - 29th April to 1st May 2017

The trip honestly changed my outlook on my life especially being a 16 year old girl stressing over exams. puberty, life, weather always doubting myself and thinking of the worst. I didn't think I was capable climbing that mountain, I felt lost and found at the same time. Lost because my entire body was aching and cramping, but found because my mind was at peace as I went higher and higher, genuinely enjoying my time alone in the mountains with the breeze on my face, it really is like a completely different world. I try to apply what I did up there to what I do in my everyday life especially with academics. Not to have a mental block on my mind when I study, to take it as a challenge instead of a chore. I loved going at my own pace and being alone up there was an eye opener that I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. Thank you so much ATC for giving me the opportunity ❤

Seri Ahern (Junior ATC Member for HK Trip)


That's such a beautiful note, Shah and how brilliant Seri found it such an amazing experience.  Her words ring so true, climbing mountains is a metaphor for life - there are ups, downs, highs and lows and it often hurts, but stick with it and the positives win out.  Your smart daughter twigged into this a good 20+ years before some of us...  ATC seriously rocks.

Liz Weselby (Luxe City Guides Editorial Director & ATC Luxury Travel Expert)


Thanks again Elsa and Liz for guiding us on the HK treks and most importantly ATC - Hazleen, Shah and Julia for making this possible and for taking such good care of us.  Pretties, please rest well and see ya soon

Angela Teo (ATC Member)


Thank you everyone for an amazing trip!  Much love to Team ATC for taking such good care of us.

June Lim (ATC Member)


Awesome trip ladies!! Thank you.

Tan Ker Yuan (ATC Member)


Thank you All.  It is a very enjoyable n memorable trip!

Renata Janini Dohmen (ATC Member)


Thank you all for an amazing weekend!  Special thanks to Liz and Elsa for making us end the trip on a high through those baboos, I loved it!  Haz, Shah and Julia for your leadership and making this trip special.  I was overfed though.  See ya all very soon for more adventures.

Cathy Balcer (ATC Member)


Thanks for all of you made this wonderful trip!  Hope to see you all very soon! ❤❤

Julia He (Trek Leader for HK Trip)


6D5N Mount Rinjani Trek - 28th April to 3rd May 2017

Hi Becca.  The responsible trekking piece very well done!

Razwana Begum (ATC Member - trekking Mount Rinjani on ATC's Rules of Responsible Trekking) 


Letter Of Thanks - 27th April 2017

And how ATC prepared me mentally to face any challenge.  JP Morgan 5.6K in 33 mins possible because of stairs training.

Asmita (ATC Member)  


Gunung Lambak Adventure - 24th April 2017

I am feeling so good today, feel strong and healthy after the trek.  Great to make new friends too.  Loved it.  Look forward to more in future....

Dr Kiran Kashyap (ATC Member & Medical Advisor for Everest Base Camp Trek)


Thank you Haz, Shah, Dr Kiran, Fadilah, Rozi, Sangita & Syaz for a fantastic day.  Truly appreciate all of your excitement when I summit. Looking forward to our future treks together.  Rest well & see all of you soon.

Ani Ahmad (ATC Member)


Letter Of Thanks - 21st April 2017

Thanks, Haz for the VIP treatment as always with cold towels and your patient responses to our question.

Asmita (ATC Member - on training and meeting)


Letter Of Thanks - 20th April 2017

Have a good rest now, Zahidah ❤.  Will try another day, you are all so kind and helpful!  Ida made sandwiches with homemade bread.  Mary protected us from an aggressive monkey and Sue, love how you're always sneaking photos of us behind our backs.

Hazleen Panayiotou (ATC Founder & Club President)


Letter Of Thanks - 16th April 2017

Oh...  Thank you sooo much.  I'm very very happy and so are my girls.  I am grateful to every one of you.  You are my inspiration.  We ❤ ATC.

Takako Kusunoki (ATC Member)


3D2N Mount Kinabalu, Sabah Trek - 29th to 31st March 2017

Thank you for your truly inspiring words.  Climbing Mt Kinabalu was an amazing achievement for all of us and we could not have done it without being a team and having trained hard to achieve our goal.  Becca was our inspiring trek leader and she competently dealt with every situation.  The trek was not easy but we gave it everything and we succeeded.  Despite physical exhaustion and pain we had a lot of fun.  I can't wait for my next adventure with ATC. 

Anja Soltau (ATC Member) 

International Women's Day - 8th March 2017

Hi Hazleen, thank you for the wonderful evening. You are amazing! It's so lovely and warms the heart to see so many like minded beautiful, smart and fit ladies together. Thank you xxx

Kate Gray (ATC Member)


Letter Of Thanks

Hey Hazleen, Shah and Becca - what a pleasant surprise it was to get a personalized greeting card from the team.  Was I impressed?  It's an understatement...  I was very very impressed and pleasantly surprised.  I must congratulate you guys for your drive and enthusiasm.  Keep it up.  And I hope I can participate more in 2017.  Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... and more success in 2017... cheers.

Jayshree (ATC Member)


9D8N Mount Kilimanjaro with ATC - 16th to 24th October 2016

Dear Hazleen,

Thank you! I just wanted to say a personal thank you for organising such an awesome ATC trip to Kilimanjaro. It was brilliant, and the success of our trip is definitely due to all the time & resource & effort you put in to find such a great route & excellent tour company. Thank you so much!

I can't wait until our next moutain adventure together!

Best Wishes,

Nicky E.
view attachment

Letter Of Thanks - 28th September 2016

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Amazing Trekkers Club, Singapore for sending their clients to visit our school and make a noticeable contribution to our students. We are really grateful to our valued visitors as well. Hope we will get such help even in the days to come.

Mr Suman Lal Maharjan
Shree Purano Guheshwori Secondary School
Kathmandu, Nepal
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An experience I will never forget

I'm a member of Amazing Trekkers Club living in Dubai. Our recent trip to Nepal was an experience I will never forget. The team spirit and camaraderie among the girls was incredible! I enjoyed the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure alongside the great company of the ladies. We worked well together as a team to achieve our common goals and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, which Nepal had to offer. The level of the walks is a good level for people of various ages and fitness. Everything was well organised from the flights and accommodations to the hikes and yoga sessions. The yoga and meditation sessions we did before and after trekking helped us to stay focused and well stretched, which made the walks the following day a lot easier. Thanks to our yoga teacher Nurul Huda.....you did a wonderful job! And thank you so much Shah and Rebecca for an amazing trip and making sure everything was taken care of. Looking forward to my next adventure with the Amazing Trekkers Club! A job well done gals.

Sue H.
23rd - 30th September 2016

To my gorgeous himalayan buddies!

Thank you for such an amazing experience we shared together ! You guys have been great in many ways that I feel really blessed to share the last 5 days wt you.. Hope we will keep this friendship & sisterhood for many more years wt many more trips together!

Wishing you guys a safe flight home .. May we meet again soon.

Suriana H.
23rd - 30th September 2016

8D7N Himalayan Adventure

Having travelled to more than 50 countries myself, this is actually my first time traveling with 8 mothers. I must say I'm very inspired with each and everyone's spirit. It was a great team dynamic, strong, positive and funny people that I enjoyed having as company for the last 8 days.

Nurulhuda A.
23rd - 30th September 2016

Letter Of Thanks

Shah, the Clubʼs Vice President, has been my friend for over 30 years and knows me pretty well, especially my love of traveling and adventure. So, when Shah told me about the Clubʼs trip to Machu Picchu I didnʼt hesitate to sign on.

The Amazing Trekkers Club . The Club planned the trip accommodations, activities, meals, everything, I just needed to get a ticket from United States to Cusco, Peru. But, best of all, by going on this trip with the Amazing Trekkers Club I wasnʼt traveling alone. I shared this adventure with a fantastic group of women.

There was a great variety of activities that challenged us physically and mentally. I enjoyed the long days hike into the mountains and when we reached our camp tents were ready, food was waiting to be served, Sleeping outdoors under night sky full of stars was awesome. Local guides talked to us about the culture, the religious sites we visited, and answered our questions. After several days hiking and roughing it in the mountains, Sulastri arranged for us to spend a night in a five star hotel to enjoy a hot bath, cable TV, and good internet access, I will never forget the Via Ferrata and Zip line. I had to climb straight up ac 400 meter rock mountain cliff then zip line down. We live only once so why not do something that is out of our ordinary life and thanks to the Amazing Trekkers club we can do just that.

I want to thank Shah, her colleagues and members of the Amazing Trekkers Club for giving me one of the best experience in my life.


Roziwati B.
23rd May - 4th Jun 2016
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Amazing Bali Trip

Welcome welcome...Tks ATC for organizing this amazing trip! Real living up to their name!

Jolyn T.
16th - 17th April 2016

First Time up Mount Batur

Thanks guys for everything! It was very well planned and I had a good time with all of you!!! Really glad I went out of my comfort zone to climb Mount Batur. Would definitely do it again. Thanks for exposing me to such an amazing experience!❤

Nadirah Z.
16th - 17th April 2016