Nordic Walking Lessons

NWUK Freedom  4 Gear Method (C)

Nordic Walking UK has devised this structured teaching programme of 4 x 1 hour sessions that will help you to master the basics and be able to competently Nordic Walk on your own or join into groups walks. 

Your Nordic Walking leader will help you to not only master the technique but to understand which muscles are working and what’s going on inside your body! The course will help you to understand your current level of fitness and empower you to get out and get the results you want from Nordic Walking!

The NWUK Freedom  4 Gear Method (C) includes:

  1. Gear One - The fundamentals of Nordic walking technique. Gaining forward propulsion from the poles by engaging the correct upper body muscles, understanding correct gait and coordination. 
  2. Gear Two - Mastering hand grip and use of the pole straps in order to develop technique. Adapting the body position and pole angles for walking up and down hills.
  3. Gear Three- Adding more speed through improved technique, understanding how your body reacts to exercise and learning how to stay within your comfort zone.
  4. Gear Four - Improving posture and understanding how to use technique, distance, speed and terrain to constantly ensure you get the most out of your Nordic walking!

Is it essential to attend all 4 sessions?

Ideally yes, the technique is built up in 'layers' and you need to master each element before moving on. Both your brain and muscles will need time to process the information and movements - practice makes perfect. 

What would I need to wear?

All you really need is to dress appropriately for the weather on the day and take a waterproof jacket if you think you may need it. Footwear needs to be comfortable - flexible soles trainers or walking shoes are ideal (especially if they are waterproof) but avoid solid heavy walking boots. A small backpack is a good idea and you should always bring a bottle of water, face towel, sunscreen and mosquito spray. 

Will I need to buy my own poles?

You will be provided poles for your taster sessions. Many Nordic Walkers prefer to have their own poles to help them master the technique. 

What happens next?

Once you have completed the NWUK Freedom 4 gear programme (C) and your NW leader is happy that you have a good understanding of the right technique and intensity for you, he/she will issue a FREEDOM passport. This is your passport to joining walks and events organised by Amazing Trekkers Club. You will receive email notifications and postings on Amazing Trekkers Club Website and FB page.  


Give it a try!

If you want to find out more BEFORE committing to a technique course why not try a 45 minute taster session. This will give you an insight into how the poles can propel you along and work the whole body. You will also understand why it is important to learn the technique properly in order to get maximum benefit. 

Look on our Facebook page for our next taster session.

If you have any queries, contact Amazing Trekkers Club on Mobile: 90090653 / Email:

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