Health and Wellness


For most it is the no 1. Learn about your health and how to increase energy, get into shape and feel 21 again!


Health Talks

Get to Know Your Body Type


  • The 4 body types and how this affects weight loss.
  • Why people store fat in different places.
  • The 3 most commons mistakes trying to loose weight.
  • Whey exercise and diet may worsen your metabolism.
  • Seperating out the myths from the facts and how hormones control your weight loss.
  • Plus lots more insights about your body.
The basic recipe for Keeping in Shape


  • Nourishing V Calorie Counting
  • The Amazing Effect of Food on your Hormones.
  • Long Term Healthy eating Habits for Prevention rather than cure.
  • Why there is no Health in the Healthcare system.
  • How to Rid Cravings in 72 Hours
  • Sleep and its importance ot your health.
  • Stress Relief and Pain Management tips.
Stress, The Silent Killer How to Be Stress Free


  • The 3 hidden surprising sources of 99% of your stress.
  • Learn 3 techniques to rid stress daily.
  • 7 ways your stress destroys your body shape, health, and vitality.
  • How to rejuvenate your sleep and vitality.
  • How to improve your cognitive function.
  • Breathing techniques for a calm life.