ExecFuelExecFuel, the 6-week online program that empowers busy executives to feel energized, by achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Is your story similar to the hundreds of people that I have interviewed? The common theme in these stories, are the challenges of trying to be healthy as a busy executive. It became apparent to me that a solution was needed. A flexible and practical nutrition program that could be sustained over the long-term and applicable to every day working life; in the office or on the road.  A solution that would ultimately help busy executives reach their health goals, amidst day-to-day challenges.

As a qualified nutritionist working with both male and female executives over many years, I have seen the dangerous consequences that gaining high body fat, or living with hypertension leads to.  Serious complications such as, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, and stroke, as well as not feeling energized or under-performing at work. These can all be avoided by applying the right strategies. Strategies that you can learn through this program, and put to immediate use. 
ExecFuel is defined in six modules; FUELUP. The six weeks are designed to bring you one step closer to achieving and maintaining your health goals, regardless of the challenges that an executive lifestyle demands.
The values and core learnings of ExecFuel are outlined in FUELUP:
Focus, Understand, Empower, Leverage, Utilize, Purpose

What Valuable Resources Will You Get In The Program?

  • 24-7 Global access from your laptop, home computer or mobile device.
  • 6 (easy to follow) modules with 9 videos, in a practical step-by-step program to help you meet your health goals
  • More than 20 videos demonstrating fast, effective exercises, from three specialist Fitness Professionals.
  • Eliminate confusion by understanding what food can be avoided, and what food helps to fuel your body.
  • Acquire the skills you need to balance health with entertaining clients and attending corporate functions.
  • Learn how to make simple, healthy, choices when you snack and dine out.
  • 19 highly valuable PDF resources, including cheat sheets, guides and templates so you can put what you've learned into action IMMEDIATELY.
  • A non-diet approach to increase your energy, and increase your quality of life whilst working long hours.
  • Avoid excess weight (or body fat) gain, during work travel.
  • 4 FANTASTIC infographics providing you valuable information at your fingertips.
  • 30 minute healthy dinners, and Meal Plans with 42 recipes provided.
  • Special Offers with our affiliate partners.
  • Weekly community sessions with a certified nutritionist.
  • The Executive Travel Checklist Downloadable.
  • And much more!

ExecFuel is also the perfect gift for your traveling spouse, overworked partner, or even yourself if you need the best online health program designed specifically to fit into your daily life.

We believe that each day presents a new opportunity for those who want to change their health for the better. Are you ready to feel more energized, get healthy, and finally be in control of your own health? Click here to make 2016 your best year!