The Amazing Trekkers Club is about building friendships and empowering each other through shared journeys. We offer many fun and exciting opportunities for you to connect with your fellow trekkers. Keep posted on the dates of the events visit our events page or like our Facebook page.

Members meetings

Once a month, we bring members together to share their trekking experiences with one another. Hosted by an Amazing Trekker, an ATC team or partner, the venue varies every session.  Click here to stay updated.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a holistic therapeutic approach and can improve health and maintain balance for everyone. No matter what lifestyle issues a person may be experiencing. For example, back pain, stress, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, thyroid problems, arthritis, diabetes, etc. There is definitely a yoga therapy to relieve the discomfort and improve the overall well-being.

With well-trained experienced yoga therapists and teachers, students will learn a sequence of yoga therapy practices including yoga cleansing techniques, yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, meditation and special techniques for specific lifestyle disorders. In our yoga therapy class, we keep the class size small, so that each student can benefit from the practice and enjoy a unique personal experience.

Community Involvement

Monthly walks with the community will be organised and led by our fitness director and trek leader, both members of our expert panel at Amazing Trekkers Club. Enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors while learning more about health and fitness along with your fellow trekkers. Click here to stay updated on our upcoming treks.

Venues include:  The Green Corridor, MacRitchie, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Pulau Ubin, Sentosa Nature Reserve, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve other trails in Singapore.

Special Events

Don’t miss out on our specialised workshops, training, and sharing sessions on topics relevant to you. Topics include trek destinations, trekking equipments and accessories, cleansing, nutrition, wellness, insurance, and financial investments.

Expand your Social Base

Meet other like-minded women from all around the world who share the same interest as you. Grow your business and social network with Amazing Trekkers Club as you meet other mothers, daughters, wives, partners, and friends. We have Overseas Members who are joining friends living in different countries for reunions, birthday celebrations, farewell trips, bonding treks, and corporate team building.

Connect with Nature

Never miss another beautiful sunrise as you learn to capture postcard-worthy photographs with your cameras or mobile devices with our resident pro photographers during available workshops and courses. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay updated on future events.

Members classifieds

Join our Facebook group to connect with budding and experienced trekkers alike. Sell your unwanted trekking, hiking, and mountaineering items or lend them to a fellow trekker in Singapore. All you simply have to do is post a picture, price, and your pickup location.