About Amazing Trekkers Club

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Amazing Trekkers Club is an organisation born from the courage of everyday women who understand the therapeutic power of outdoor adventure, and the strength of camaraderie.

Our story began with a group of women who love the great outdoors. This group consist of a homemaker, doctor, lawyer, and corporate professionals who held regular trekking meetings and collectively summited just under 30 of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Fuji, Kilimanjaro, Mount Rinjani, Mount Kinabalu just to name a few.

However, it did not take long for Founder of Amazing Trekkers Club, Hazleen Panayiotou, to realise there was a lack of hiking clubs and dedicated resources for women. Thus, Amazing Trekkers Club was established to begin a movement to connect, support and train women who love trekking.

Today, Hazleen and her ambitious friends are Amazing Trekkers Club Founding Members, who are making it their responsibility to help other women around the world achieve and exceed their personal goals.

Amazing Trekkers Club was born from our collective experience in organising women-only treks and we aim to help women trekkers in three simple ways:

Prep . Trek . Connect

If you’re looking for meaningful experiences beyond just a holiday, join the Amazing Trekkers Club.

If you’re ready to tackle Mother Nature, become an Expedition Member and get fit with others. Our boot camp sessions will get your butt in gear for challenging hiking journeys.

The Summit Membership is for you if you want to amp up your training and are ready for the total package in fitness, nutrition and coaching.

 Be an Overseas Membership  if you’re not living in Singapore but would like to join our members on their trekking adventures.