Christmas Wishes from Anna Mollel, Engilanget School in Arusha, Tanzania

December 23, 2017

Christmas Wishes from Anna Mollel, Engilanget School in Arusha, Tanzania


Dear friends and supporters of Engilang’et School,

It has been a while since I wrote to you. A lot has happened during this time of the year.


From the support from Caritas International German we were able to start construction of the new dormitories. The work started in July 2016 and finished in June 2017. We moved in the new building in July 2017 as you can see in the 1st photo before we moved in and the 2nd photo when we moved in.

Now our children are happy to be near to school but not only that but they have enough space or good environments for learning.






The school was established 2009 and be registered 2012 officially up to November this year 162 children were enrolled in Engilang’et school as the school is inclusive school among them six are children living with HIV/AIDS and ten are physical disabled.

Due to cultural beliefs in Maasai communities disabilities is looked as a curse or you have done an evil thing and God is punishing that particular family.

Because of this many disabled children are still hidden in the house they don’t get education or treatment.

The Maasai families took a girl only for dowry or as an income to get cows not given a chance for education most of them are in danger of early marriage.

This is why I decided to take initiatives to take Maasai girls from remote areas I know that it is not easy to take many although the need is there but even the one whom at school they are the ambassadors for others and this will change the perspective towards the Maasai communities in the future.

Next year 2018 we will take more disabled and Maasai girls because we have enough space to accommodate 40 children

Here are only few photos from our disabled children.

Oini is in class 1 he can read and write using his leg. Oini photos the 1st one is before having a caliper at that time he was a wheelchair dependent and the 2nd one is after having his caliper and now he can walk from the dormitory to school but he never forget that his legs are his arms also .

Leah is in class III she is very bright in class this year she was no 1 among 25 children in her class. With the support of SEED OF HOPE we were able to take her to hospital she was schedule to be operated in December 2017 but because the family asked the doctor to operate her in June 2018 and the doctor agree we hope that after operation she will be ok and walk like normal children.

Lengai is in class 11 he is slow learner due to his disabilities also coming from very poor family. Lengai, the fifth born of seven siblings of Maasai parents, he is the only one being in school. With the support of SEED OF HOPE we were able to take him to hospital after examination from a doctor and after taking a lot of x-rays the results was that nothing can be done for him, the doctor advice us to buy him a new tricycle which he has already.

Here I will mention only few among many friends supported the needy children in our school.

Hertha Schwaighofer TANZANIA








Mr. Kisarika

AMAZING TREKKERS CLUB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


As our school is one among the Global schools, for the Worlds Childrens Rights This year 2017our children voted for the Heroes who are struggling and fight for children’s right around the world. It was amazed how little children were able to raise their voices when they read the story of individual nominee. I hope to visit more schools in remote areas where disabled and girls right are still violated the big problem is transport even this year I was not able to visit remote schools.

This year also it was our second class seven in primary level exams. Our 20 children did their national examinations and all of them pass to join secondary school in 2018.

This year our school was number 2 in the District among 35 schools in the District

In the region it was no. 17 among 270 schools

Nationally it was no 181 among 6,839 schools


This project was establish so that I can support the needy children around my community especially disabled and Maasai girls by selling the shawls and the little money I got I help them. This year the selling was not so good.


I would like to give my sincere gratitude to all who visited us, giving their support in cash and in mankind and to those who were praying for our children and for us as a team of Engilang’et School.

I know that in one way or another you have been part of our success by your donations in cash or in man - kind; and in prayers all these are very much appreciated.

Please visit us, be part of this school, buy our shawls to support us.

The school is in need of your donation

Thank you very much



Anna Mollel

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