ATC Newsletter Oct/Nov/Dec 2017

January 02, 2018

ATC Newsletter Oct/Nov/Dec 2017

December is a wonderful month to reflect on successes and areas of improvement over the past year. It was our absolute pleasure to meet and mingle with so many mountaineers at our Peak and Pause Event on the 23rd of November. And it was, indeed a great opportunity to showcase our achievements and share our plans for 2018. 

Where will 2018 take us? Details of our treks are now released and featured on our website. We have already begun receiving bookings forms and have announced dates of our information evenings. 
Our 2018 # hashtags

Ladies, let's reach our peak in 2018, with sheer tenacity and mental agility, without losing sight of the need to take time to pause and slow down. We wholeheartedly believe rushing gets us nowhere apart from lighting up the "rushing about" neurons in our brain and stressing out everyone around us. By rushing in your everyday life, you do not achieve an iota more than your slower counterparts. We get to the same summit - maybe a different view but the same final destination. So why are we rushing all the time? Is it because we are expected to and to show we have very important jobs to do? If you have made a resolution to slow down and be more effective and perhaps less tensed, our suggestion is to climb a mountain with us. Let's work towards getting rid of the need to create an impression of hyped up energy and busyness. Why not begin with this...when you're in the office or at home, never walk and read texts or emails at the same time while 'listening' to someone trying to make a conversation with you. Instead, we must learn to reflect and to focus on doing one thing at a time, to listen more than speak and to enjoy life's journey.

Welcome to our last newsletter for 2017, to our world of Peak and Pause as we travelled to the Himalayas. Follow our members, partners and experts through this journey of adventure and exploration and get the latest news on our Golden Girls with Golden Hearts Charity programme. 

We are delighted to announce our Star Trekker for October is Syarifah aka Syaz Syed Abas. Syaz has been a member since 2015 and was the first to sign up for Everest Base Camp expedition. According to Syaz, “I have always loved climbing mountains since young but due to many responsibilities and various constraints, I was not able to climb many. I have been reading up about Mount Everest which has always been a dream since childhood. I went hiking alone all these time because it's hard to find someone who shares your passion until one fateful day, i stumbled upon ATC on Facebook. My curiousity was aroused and I fell in love with the website and the team. How motivating and intriguing it was to see all the strong ladies making this happen. When Hazleen told me about their upcoming plan for EBC a year ago I couldnt believe it! I quickly said yes and well well well, i just came back from there.

A dream came true indeed. Such a surreal feeling to be able to relive your childhood dream! I cannot believe it. I may not have many mountains under my belt yet but with sheer courage and determination from such a strong team like ATC, I will surely get there. A big shout out to Hazleen whose leadership quality is like none I have encountered before and to the rest of the team like Shah, Becca, Ani to name a few who made it happen and watched us from here while we were there. Thank you for this award. More mountains to come! Cheers. Lots of love from me Syaz. Xoxo”

Syaz, you are not only a brilliant trekker. You are a spiritual soul who was constantly praying for the safety of our fellow Trekkers! Your kindness and sensitivity towards others were noticed and appreciated by all. May you be forever young and happy. Your laughter alone keeps us entertained. Thank you for sharing your stash of chocolates.

Anja has deserved this recognition for many months. This year she has climbed Gunung Lambak, Gunung Ledang, Mount Kinabalu and Mount Kilimanjaro with ATC, achieving the 3Ps of Peaks, Performance and Power, as well as her 3 ATC badges; the Blue Local, Orange Regional and Black International badge. We look forward to enjoying a spa retreat experience on the 20th January with her. Anja is a very strong, knowledgable trekker and is always there to support her team. We are thrilled to announce that in 2018, Anja will be joining ATC as a Trek leader.

Here is how Anja got into trekking.
"I have lived in Singapore for almost 2 years. I am originally from Germany and I lived in Australia for 20 years before moving to Singapore. I have always loved being outdoors and I discovered my passion for trekking about 4 years ago in Australia when I found out about a womens trekking group in Sydney, called Wild Women on Top. The group organised regular trek training sessions as well as local or overseas treks. This was just what I was looking for as nobody in my family and none of my friends were interested in hiking. I joined training sessions twice per week and booked myself in for my first trek to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I loved it so much that I did not want to leave Tasmania to fly back to Sydney. I joined various smaller treks around Sydney and also spent one week trekking the Larapinta Trail in the Australian Outback. I even went snow shoeing up Mt Kosciuszko which was great fun. I was very excited to find a similar group of passionate women here in Singapore and to continue my trekking experience. In 2017 I joined ATC on 2 treks in Malaysia and I climbed Mt. Kinabalu and Kilimanjaro. I love meeting so many other women that love trekking."

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes, sky and outdoor
Not only is she our strong and passionate trekker, she lives and breathes the essence of what life should be about.  She has been a huge support to many of our trekkers this year, giving us medical advice, especially for our Everest Base Camp team.

This amazing doctor and mother of 2 joined ATC in early 2017, climbing Gunung Lambak and then brought her daughter Ela to summit Gunung Bintan with her and 25 others. Kiran is our regular Wednesday and weekend trekker. According to Kiran, "Looking ahead to 2018, I aim to be fit and fabulous at 50, with planned treks up Gunung Belumut, Gunung Ledang and Mt Rinjani with ATC. I would also love to trek in Machu Picchu, Bhutan and Mongolia in future."

We are honoured to have Kiran join our club as she truly is a valuable member of our community. She is a positive role model to us, an inspiration to so many women.  She says "I am happy to contribute where I can, and to be a part of this dynamic group of women. I really do enjoy meeting with so many women who are focused on keeping fit and healthy so as to achieve a common goal of exploring and enjoying nature's wonders. I appreciate the camaraderie and how positive and supportive the members are to each other."
Congratulations to the following members who have been invited to join us on the 20th January 2018 at a ATC Spa Retreat. These members have earned all 3 badges - Local, Regional and International or have given exceptional support to ATC throughout 2017. 
Thank you and congratulations to Anja P, Quinee Y, Cathy B, Fotini P, Syaz A, Angela M, Sue K, Shoba D, Rozi L, Shah A, Ani A, Becca T & Julia H

This year it was all about Peaks, Power & Performance and wow what a phenomenal year we’ve had. Next year we are introducing PAUSE (stop, breathe, be present and reconnect) to our mountaineering programme to bring more conscious intention, mental agility, tenacity, perseverance, tranquility and balance.

On the 23rd November,  we were delighted to partner and collaborate with Denise Keller and Pause Magazine, to have our medical adviser Dr. Kiran Kashyap and the International Women’s Federation for Commerce & Industry President of Malaysian Chapter Dato’ Elaine Teh. 

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their goals of reaching their personal and mountain summits, to all our Star Trekkers (Jan to Nov 2017).

Huge thanks to our event partners & sponsors, Adventure 21TheBigCountryIWFCI SingaporeIWFCI Malaysia, InReach Asia, The Co. SingaporeThe Meat Up Premium Meat ButcheryPorta Porta Italian RestaurantOrganicHimalayaNepal and Spize Temasek Club and Thermomix. 

PEAK & PAUSE 2018 - please visit:

We have a deal on a combined membership with ATC, Pause Magazine and IWFCI for only $400. Don’t miss the opportunity & contact us for an amazing PEAK & PAUSE MEMBERSHIP (2018).

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. ATC teams up with PAUSE Magazine and International Women’s Federation for Commerce and Industry to offer our members benefits beyond getting strong and climbing Peaks. 

We announced this strategic partnership at our 2018 trek launch event on the 23rd of November. It was wonderful to see so many people there. We had 10 ladies signed up on the day for the Peak & Pause Membership giving them membership access to all 3 groups.

We got together to sign the MOU on the 28th of December. All Peak and Pause members were welcome to join this event.
Everyone wants success but it follows those who make a true approach to get it. Our Everest Base Camp team knows that hard work and dedication has a destination. Congratulations to our 12 members (Hazleen, Shah, Cheryl, Kartika, Somy, Cathy, Veronica, Syaz, Shilu, Talia, Sunider and Shoba) for their achievements despite many challenges and initial self doubts. All the training, pre trek preparation workshops, get togethers and endless discussions have paid off. They made it to Everest Base Camp and even hiked till Nagarjuna Peak on acclimatisation day at Dingboche. 

Their journey began with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. The weather at Lukla is renowned to be extremely unpredictable and volatile, but our team were lucky to catch the 16 seater aircraft on the scheduled day though they had to wait a few hours at the airport. Those sitting on the front row could literally watch the pilots control the plane. Those sitting on the left were able to catch a glimpse of the Himalayas. The thrill and screams from the entire aircraft when they landed at Lukla airport were incredible and clearly audible based on the comments we got on our FB posts. 

Prayer wheels en-route from Lukla to Phakding via a few small villages and chortans filled their 3 hr journey on day 1. There were a total of nine suspension bridges along the way and this proved to be either a lot of fun for most and scary for a few. Crossing the bridges was an amazing experience in itself. The route from Phakding to Namche Bazaar was one of many tough days with steep ascents most of the route.

Although the trail to EBC seemed to be extremely commercialised with tea-houses, lodges and restaurants, they appreciated the chance to acclimatise, shop and enjoy good quality coffee and cakes from the much sought after German bakery Hermann Helmers Backerei-Konditorei in Namche Bazaar. Of course Dhal-bhat is one of the most common food item enjoyed and what made it even more sensational was Wi-fi and phone connection was available at most of these restaurants on chargeable basis until they got to Tengboche when there was no mobile signal, Wi-if became ridiculously expensive and facilities reduced to mere basics. 

Team EBC was excited to catch the first glimpse of the big giant Mt. Everest and the ubiquitous Ama Dablam on their way to Everest View Hotel at almost 3900m - Guinness Book of World Records accords it the status of 'highest luxury hotel in the world'.

A Chortan visit en-route Namche Bazaar to Tengboche provided a fantastic photo opportunity before they got to Tengbonche at 3870 m. They stopped over in time to witness Lamas praying at the monastery of Lord Rinpoche.

The landscape then took a drastic change after Somaroi as they walked through a terrain where the height of trees were reduced to shrubs. The following day our team trekked to Dingboche at 4360m, their second acclimatisation day. They trekked up the valley for a wider variety of photos of the valley and mountains of the Khumbu region. Some of them got to Nagarjuna Peak at 5300m for the most spectacular sighting of Ama Dhablam and Lhotse. As they were above the tree-line, the sharp edges of Ama Dablam could be clearly seen. Chukung lied nestled under the terminal moraine of the Lhotse Glacier. By then they were surrounded by Tawoche and Cholaste. 

They continued their journey through the valley on their way to Pheriche en-route Dingboche and Lobuche (4940 m), where the high altitude and below freezing temperature was beginning to hit some. Mt. Pumouri could be seen when they got to Gorakshep at 5170 m, their last stop before Everest Base Camp where they stood with pride at 5364 m, their DESTINATION.

The prayer flags, the mountaineers, the devotees and the mountains formed a union of peace. An acute sense of accomplishment, with the sweetness of satisfaction filled the air. Some were moved to tears from the humbling experience, heightened when a trekker sang a birthday song to himself echoed by every single person standing there with him on Everest Base Camp. Our team thanked their amazing guides and sherpas who not only guided them; their encouragement, diligence and friendship kept our Trekkers’ spirits and energy levels high. 

All in all, it was a magnificent & mindful journey for the 12 women Trekkers. All of them still sharing their stories, experiences and their great sense of disbelief that they walked a total distance of 110km, alongside Yaks and Trekkers from all over the world. They returned home safe and fulfilled with meaningful experiences beyond a holiday, and friendships built for life.

To see more of there pictures, view them here.

One of the hardest things about trekking, especially long adventures, is the pre-trek organisation at home and worrying about how you will communicate with your family whilst away. Especially in the digital age where we correspond with loved ones so frequently.

ATC purchased a Garmin tracking device for the EBC trek. In short, the Global 2-way satellite communicator with maps and sensors tracks our location, can trigger an interactive SOS message in case of emergency, and notify the most appropriate emergency response for your unique situation. When we turn the tracking feature on, it will send a signal to a website and a message to a designated email to show us the device is now tracking and following our progress. 

Family and friends can watched us live via the website. Furthermore, it is possible to send messages throughout the day. is now set up to receive messages from our very own Garmin device and emails can be sent to nominated family and friends of your progress, esp important if those family members who are not gadget savvy.

This will be an essential piece of equipment for all regional and international treks. 

In preparation for our Everest Base Camp trek, Lululemon hosted a breathing and stretching class at their Takashimaya store on Sunday 22nd October. The coach Carol, had us all nearly in tears as we used balls to roll out our feet and stretch our muscles. My goodness did we feel better afterwards though!
Lululemon also offered a rack of items with great discounts for those who wanted some last minute trekking and yoga apparel. 
A group of ATC members completed Tier 3 of the 'LIFESAVER' Programme hosted and delivered by Singapore Civil Defence Service on the 10th December 

As a follow up to the ‘RESPONSE READY’ programme, which they completed on the 23rd September, the group learnt vital lifesaving skills, as well as advanced EP knowledge, enhanced First Aid, CRP-AED, Fire Safety & Evacuation Procedures and Emergency Procedures. 

A huge thank you to SCDF for putting on such a comprehensive community programme and sharing these vital skills with our trekkers and their families. The world is a safer place when people have knowledge!

At the end of November Bali's Mount Agung erupted.
We are in contact with our trek guides to ensure they are safe, have accommodation and food and are well. We are suspending the trek to Batur and Agung until such time as the Mountain is deemed safe to summit again. 

We have had some big treks in 2017 and we know first hand it changes the way you see the world. The time away has given you space to PAUSE and reflect the way you choose to live your life. You have been completely altered after a big and challenging expedition. 

It is normal to feel disoriented, impatient, sad, lost and missing the trail people and action you had whilst away. When you return to your daily routine, you will often feel like something is missing. Chat with your team members openly and continue to support to one another.

Here are some other tips for combating the post trail blues.
is designed to help you achieve your goals, improve your performance and release more power.
Our Training programme is available to view on line. You can incorporate these activities into your current training programme and prepare your body to be hiking fit. 
There is no excuse for you not to challenge yourself to set a new goal and to dream a new dream.

Yoga is starting up on a Friday morning, which will be followed by a circle discussion with Anji Hallewell, a Strengths Coach. 

We have an ATC cycling group which often meets on a Sunday. If you are a serious cyclist (or want to be), have a road bike and a helmet, please email us at and we will connect you to the group.

We are also organising a one off swimming session to support you in your training at home. Watch this space for the new year.

Upcoming Events with ATC
We have a treat for you! A Karma Yoga Retreat with the one and only Denise Keller, on the 11th of January.

Denise started practising yoga at the age of 15. Now 35, she has been a certified yoga teacher for about four years and said it helps her “create healthy boundaries – physically, mentally and spiritually”.

Denise met many of our members at the Peak and Pause event in November. Now is your opportunity to join a Yoga retreat with her!

Sign up now!

ATC Members and friends: 
$50 ($10 will go to Maiti Nepal, ATC Charity for 2018)

Non Members: 
$55 ($10 will go to Maiti Nepal)

Maiti Nepal:

Payment prior to event:
Please reference: Karma Yoga Retreat
By cheque: TrekkersAsia Ptd Ltd
Paypal (3% charge applies):
Bank transfer: SGD Account: TrekkersAsia Pte Ltd 003-934912-2
Swift Address: DBSSSGSG
DBS Bank Ltd, 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, S 018982

Oasia Downtown Hotel will provide Mats, Towels and Water. 

When we are relaxed and calm we will then turn our attention to two amazing treks later in the year. Mt Kinabalu (8th March) and Jomolhari Trek in Bhutan (24th September).
For more information on the info session -
2018 TREKS
Dreaming Mountains? You are not the only one, so are we!

The 2018 treks are out. No doubt you have some questions, so come join our information evenings to gather more information, discuss detailed itineraries, training requirements, recommended flights and meet the other ladies who might be joining the trek!

Set Goals and Take Action for 2018!

Information evenings will be held in January and February at 7:30pm:

January 11th @ Oasia Hotel Downtown
 - Yoga with Denise Keller (7:00 - 8:00pm)
 - Mount Kinabalu
 - Bhutan

January 16th 
 - Mount Rinjani
 - Annapurna Base Camp

January 18th 
 - Mulu Caves
 - Mount Fuji
 - 10 Peaks

January 23rd 
 - Snow Mountain
 - Machu Picchu

February 8th 
 - Mongolia
 - Danxia Mountains, China 

February 22nd
-  Borobudor 
 - Ladakh

February 27th 
 - Kilimanjaro

Members, Experts and Partners' Corner

Trekking is fantastic, but when something goes wrong, it can become much more serious than when you're at home.
When trekking with ATC, we ensure you are well looked after but it is also mandatory that you have taken out personal Travel Insurance.
Many travel insurance policies don't cover above 4,000 meters. Most credit card travel insurance companies do not cover you for trekking at altitude either! The best thing you can do is call up your insurance company and ask if you are covered for trekking.
If you have any questions or which for a quote, please contact Lim Shiyun on 90703144 or for further information.

SONIA OSBORNE (ATC member and Nutrition Consultant) Thank you for another delicious recipe...

3 Tablespoons coconut oil
1 Teaspoon Himalayan rock salt
½ Head Cauliflower, very top of florets removed and broken into small pieces like popcorn
1 Teaspoon ground turmeric (or more to desired intensity)

Heat coconut oil in pan with salt on medium heat.  Add cauliflower ‘popcorn’ to pan and continue to stir until coated in oil/salt and starts to soften.
Sprinkle over turmeric and stir through again (it should be slightly yellow in colour).
Enjoy it on it’s own warm or it’s perfect cold as a snack or in salads. You can also garnish it with your favourite fresh herbs, toasted nuts/seeds, goji berries, shredded coconut or other nutritious ideas of choice.
Whether you are training for Spartan,  a trek or want to tone up, ETL have a great selection of classes. View their class schedule

Their bootcamps are a great option to get into peak condition for treks. As an ATC member, you will receive a discounted rate on their packages. 
  • 5 Bootcamp Pack - $125 ($25/class)
  • 10 (+1) Bootcamp Pack -  $200 ($20/class + 1 free)
  • Personal Training - will vary depending on your requirements
  • Contact Cheryl at  (65) 9734 7281 or to start your benefits.
Nelson and Karen from Functional Training are offering our members a special rate of $96.30 per hour for 6 sessions if any one is interested in one to one treatment or training. The normal price is $160.50. 

If you suffer from regular pain you should check out their website. It's amazing what they can do...

- Valid for first time visitors.
- Each person entitled to one package of 6 sessions. Normal rates apply thereafter.
- 6 sessions must be completed in 6 weeks.
- There is a facilities fee of $64.20 for gym usage for the 6 session promotion.
- GST not inclusive in the quoted price above

30% discount for ATC members on Poco Nido products.
At checkout use code:

20% discount for ATC members family and friends on orders over $30. OURFRIENDSAREAMAZINGTREKKERS20

All postage in Singapore is Free!

Welcome and Congratulations to our new Peak and Pause members Narziah, Nurzakiah, Jo, Rina, Dominique, Suzanne, Sarah, Mimi, Mil, Rohani, Anji and Mary! Mary is not new to ATC, however she renewed as a Peak and Pause member. Can't wait to meet you all on the trail very soon. 

Our angels in Kathmandu were the last to donate the money raised at our International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2017. This amount was split equally between 3 of the countries we visited this year. The countries we supported with causes close to our hearts are Kathmandu in Nepal, Tanzania in Africa and Yogyakarta in Indonesia.
In November the Everest Base Camp Expedition visited Purano Guyesori Secondary School to equip and paint one of the classrooms. The children were delighted with the refurbished classroom.
This school is in the outskirts of Kathmandu and we have been supporting them since October 2016. 

Dr. Shilu Shrestha (Orthopaedic MS, Fellowship (Hand Surgery) is a young hand surgeon based in Kathmandu. She was trained in Singapore but is now back in Nepal to give back to her community. Shilu joined the group on the trek to Everest Base Camp. ATC will endeavour to support Shilu were we can.

For further details about any of these projects or if you wish to donate further, please contact us on
The EBC team had an inspiring and emotional meeting with Mrs Anuradha Koirala, founder of Maiti Nepal and CNN Hero. ATC will be focusing 100% of charity efforts in 2018 towards Maiti.  

TEDx Talk with Anuradha Koirala:

The CNN Hero:

About Maiti Nepal:
Maiti Nepal was born out of a crusade to protect Nepali girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labor and various forms of abuse, exploitation and torture. In 1993, a group of socially committed professionals like teachers, journalists and social workers together formed Maiti Nepal to fight against the social evils inflicted upon our female populace. Its prominent focus has always been centered on preventing trafficking for forced prostitution, rescuing victims of the flesh trade and rehabilitating them. This social organization also actively works to provide justice for the victimized girls and women through criminal investigation and waging legal battles against the criminals. Since its inception, it has drastically highlighted trafficking issue with its strong advocacy from the local to national and international levels.

We look forward to seeing you for training and information evenings in the new year. Do have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time with your family and friends. 

The ATC Team,
Hazleen, Shah, Becca, Ani & Julia 

Amazing Trekkers Club c/o TrekkersAsia Pte Ltd
Singapore 048545

Add us to your address book

Business Registration #: 201539988
Travel Agent #: TA 02881

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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (2 - 9 Dec 2018)

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