May 11, 2016


I am a big believer in leading by example for our children and continuing to live the life we dreamed about, rather than putting things on hold for the perceived benefit of our families. However, this is often easier said than done. The kids, their afterschool schedules, the school run, the soccer coaching commitment. Unfortunately, for many women, commitments at home and in the community can be a barrier to us reaching some of our own personal goals. Yet, stepping outside our comfort zone and pursuing our dreams will make us better mothers and better members of our communities. So, how can we keep the home fires burning and still pursue our exotic adventure dreams? Enter the Dream Circle. Now, I am sure this is not a new concept, and is possibly happening in many communities already, but I am not familiar with it within my network, so I think it is an idea worth pursuing.

What exactly is a Dream Circle?

It is a small group of women who encourage and support each other to reach their highest potential and to live a rich and fulfilling life.

How do they work? Well, I suppose it could be compared to 'Book Club'. It would look something like this.

  1. Create a small circle of “dream makers” who are in your friendship or support group.
  2. Organise a night with good food and good wine and invite the dream maker group to attend.
  3. Everyone will need to come prepared with their dream for that year - an adventurous, out of the box, “I could never do that” idea. You will need to be specific here. Location, dates, how long you will be away from home and what you need from your Dream Circle in order to achieve said dream.
  4. Plot everyone's dreams on a calendar - one of you might have decided on the week long Marathon Des Sables, another might want to trek Mt Agung in Bali for a weekend - it doesn't matter, just plot them all down and get them on your Dream Circle calendar.
  5. Now you discuss the support required in order to make those dreams a reality. Who can help with the school run? Who can take kids home after footy practice? Clearly define all the commitments preventing that adventure dream from coming true and discuss the solutions with your Dream Circle group.
  6. Commit to it. Go and chase those dreams down and support each other to achieve them. Meet monthly and be accountable. We need to make sure we are constantly encouraging each other to be their best version possible.
  7. Go and attempt your dream and enjoy it, knowing you have a team behind you who want to see you succeed.

Ps... ah, you have the same question as me. What about the other parent? Why can't they just step in and take care of the commitments. Yes, that would be the ideal solution, but in some circumstances, it is not an option, so rather than some women missing out on the opportunity for dream achieving, why don't we just create a solution we can all benefit from?

by Chloe Chick, ATC Mountaineering Expert and Founder of SisuGirls

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Christmas Wishes from Anna Mollel, Engilanget School in Arusha, Tanzania
Christmas Wishes from Anna Mollel, Engilanget School in Arusha, Tanzania

December 23, 2017

Dear Hazleen,
Greetings from Arusha Tanzania.
I would like to give truly thanks for your donation but also for telling your friends and your group around the world about our school we appreciate very much.
I am sending with attachment our Christmas letter
Have a good time at Christmas and Happy new year 2018
Anna Mollel

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