Camp at Altitude and be inspired by Chloe Chick's 3 Peaks 3 Weeks

April 01, 2016

Camp at Altitude and be inspired by Chloe Chick's 3 Peaks 3 Weeks

Relax and sleep at a simulated altitude of 3500m+ for an entire evening!

Exclusively for ATC members, we invite you to enjoy an evening camping at Altitude with our Mountaineering expert Chloe. We will be screening her inspiring video "Three Peaks Three Weeks" and give you the opportunity to get all the mountain climbing tips and advice you need.

Bring your own snacks, camping gear, sleeping bags & air mattress / mat.

Camp At Altitude Gym (map)

Date: Thursday, 21st April 2016
Check in: 10pm
Check out: 6am
Price: $40 per person (max 10 pax)

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Three Peaks Three Weeks is for the People of Africa. After traveling and working in Africa, Chloe Chick, a native Australian, witnessed extraordinary hardship and wanted to help. She held a fund raiser to address three peak issues affecting Africa: environmental degradation, lack of formal education, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Chloe formed a team of ten women from Australia and the U.S and presented them with a monumental challenge: climb three of Africa's highest peaks in just three weeks. With little climbing experience, the women attempt to summit Mount Kenya, Mount Meru, and Mount Kilimanjaro, and to spend time with their chosen charities. After paying their own way to take part in the challenging climbs, the team discovers a passion for the development and success of their charities and the people behind them.


Altitude is Singapore’s first and only simulated altitude training facility. The studio gym features a state-of-the-art compressor system in altitude technology that will bring you into a safe training environment to enhance your workout.

At Altitude, they simulate an altitude between 3100-4000 metres, helping to adapt the body to cope with the reduction of oxygen, which in turn enhances endurance, power, and speed. 


Find out more about Altitude here.

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Christmas Wishes from Anna Mollel, Engilanget School in Arusha, Tanzania
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December 23, 2017

Dear Hazleen,
Greetings from Arusha Tanzania.
I would like to give truly thanks for your donation but also for telling your friends and your group around the world about our school we appreciate very much.
I am sending with attachment our Christmas letter
Have a good time at Christmas and Happy new year 2018
Anna Mollel

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Conquer Your Inner Mountain

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ANJI HALLEWELL is a Strengths Coach, Trainer and Founder of Hidden Lava. 

Anji’s passion is setting people up for success, by connecting them to their virtues and empowering them to transcend. She helps others to find their inner strength to be mentally and emotionally strong in life. 

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