Cleansing Corner with Tania - Part 3 of 3: Cleanse-life Balance

April 06, 2016

Cleansing Corner with Tania - Part 3 of 3: Cleanse-life Balance

In this three-part series, ATC’s resident cleansing coach Tania Schnuppe answers the most frequently asked questions about cleansing. Today she tells us how we can integrate cleansing into our everyday routine. She addresses big questions on how family life and exercise affects the cleanse.

ATC: What kinds of exercises can you do during a cleanse?

TS: Well in the first part, the prep phase, do your normal routine.

In the 10 day reboot, only do gentle exercise as you are not loading up with protein to help you through and give you strength. We recommend walking and swimming, yoga and pilates.

Go for a walk in nature and practice mindfulness and be present in the moment. Life is too fast. Just go into the slow lane for a few days and enjoy the scenery, catch up with old friends and family that you have not spoken to for a while. It’s a well-being week for you. So pass the steering wheel to someone else and enjoy the scenery on your journey.


ATC: Is it possible to balance a five-day workweek, children and chores while doing a cleans?

TS: Absolutely, it’s just about being organized.

To cook a meal it takes a good 30 minutes. In that time you will have made 3 juices already and that’s over half of your day’s requirements.

If you are the only person dealing with the kitchen and meals on a normal basis, then make it easy on yourself and delegate a bit. The kids can have simple breakfasts that they can help themselves to like smoothies, fruits and eggs.

For dinner, buy sushi and a pre-cooked chicken. Get takeaway for them but do the minimum you can in the kitchen and say this is ‘me time’.

There is always a way!


ATC: Can you share your favourite juicing combinations or recipes?

TS: I probably have to say the good old Mean Green.

1 Cucumber

2 Celery stalks,

2 Green Apples

Knob of ginger

½ Peeled lemon

Bunch of kale or spinach (or any leafy green)

Then I add dill and rosemary (pre-juiced concentrated) ice cubes. Wow, what a taste bud explosion!



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