Cleansing corner with Tania - Part 2 of 3: Overcoming obstacles

March 30, 2016

Cleansing corner with Tania - Part 2 of 3: Overcoming obstacles

In this three-part series, ATC’s resident cleansing coach Tania Schnuppe answers the most frequently asked questions about cleansing. Today she answers questions on the biggest challenges when it comes to completing a big cleanse.


ATC: How long do you have to cleanse to start seeing results? What can you do to maintain your post-cleanse body?

TS: The results are quick. It takes just a few days. For the preparation phase you will already notice reduction in cravings, better overall feeling and starting to feel healthier. By day five of the ‘Reboot’ you are at that peace feeling with energy and balance of mood and that’s why I say don’t stop at five days. Do 10 days as the other five you are feeling wonderful.


ATC: What are obstacles people encounter with a cleanse?

TS: It’s the mindset. I’ve heard them all: ‘No time, busy and travelling, I can’t do it!’

Well with this negative self-suggestion, then no you won’t be able to. That is where mindset comes in.

For those that see the bigger picture and the benefits, they could walk over the hot coals and get to these results as they have suggested to themselves that they can do this and they are excited by it, and so they do and feel great and enjoy the experience.

If you go in with a positive mind set then you will get positive results.


ATC: What are some cheats for people who are struggling with their first cleanse?

TS: Oh that is easy. In the program you are grouped up with others. It’s a support network.

So I encourage all my cleansers to tell their group about how they are feeling and what’s happening. And they do, and everyone else loves that. The honesty makes them feel better too as there is such support and it makes the others feel great as they realize they are doing that too and that they are not alone.


ATC: What happens to your body during a cleanse?

TS: Quite simply it heals and communicates better. Organ-to-cell the hormones, which are your communicators of the body, start to connect to where they are supposed to go. Hence, feeling balanced and hormone balance through this time.

By flooding the body with so many nutrients it heals, so disease in the body will be healed as the healthy cells fight and the body expels the toxins. But you have to ensure that your mind and body are free from stress.



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