Cleansing corner with Tania - Part 1 of 3: Cleanse 101

March 16, 2016

Cleansing corner with Tania - Part 1 of 3: Cleanse 101

In this three-part series, ATC’s resident cleansing coach Tania Schnuppe answers the most frequently asked questions about cleansing.

ATC: How many times a day can you eat when you cleanse?

TS: Great question. Well the program comes in 3 parts:

  1. Prepping

    We prep your mind and body (and kitchen for that matter!) to start thinking about how you fuel your body during the day. Many people skip breakfasts and fuel up on foods that turn to sugar far too quickly. This means we tend to crave and have bloating and constipation a lot of the time.

    The preparation phase alleviates all this and it’s a time to start reducing portion sizes. Coming off the coffee crutch, we wean you off and think about ditching the alcohol for the rest of the month too. We do this for 10 days.

  1. Cleanse - Juicing

    Then we go into the true cleansing part, which is a juice-only reboot. By flooding the body with nutrients you will see vast improvements to your health and weight. Your skin, hair and nails start to become strong and the plant-based trace minerals are being used up in the system to create protein to build the strength in these areas.

  1. Maintenance - Solids

    After cleansing, we start to take solids again but still we are supporting the liver for the next 10 days. I call this the ‘liver-loving’ phase. This is simple eating and full recipe books are provided.

    Once you transition back to normal eating you will not want to go back to your old ways quickly and that is why many refer to it as a life-changing experience. That is certainly how it was for me too, which is why I am here to day trying to persuade others to join this incredible journey.

ATC: What are 3 key health benefits to cleansing?

TS:  In this day and age taking out the excess toxins of our daily lives is so key to health. Most of us don’t do this and take in too many toxins, eventually the body cannot cope. This can be physical, chemical or emotional stressors from our lives. These are  ‘endocrine disruptors’ as we call them.

Once the toxins are out you will feel your mojo coming back, your energy, your confidence in yourself. It boosts your self-esteem from a cellular level all the way up to looking in the mirror and feeling great about yourself.

You will not believe the sleep results until you try this plan. I say it’s like a light bulb turning on and off, instant.

Your brain fires and wires in the right way so you are SHARP in your thinking and doing.

So you get things done. I say if you have an important presentation to give plan it to be on day 8 of the reboot as you are firing off your jet engines by this point. The brain is working at a full capacity for you by then.

You will feel happy as your hormones are balancing out.

The body remembers how you feel so you get excited to do it again. Any excuse for me to do a reboot I do it. I can’t wait as the feeling is just too good.

ATC: What are some cosmetic benefits to cleansing?

TS: Cosmetic, oh that is a word that I don’t often use. Well let’s see. The first thing you notice is how radiant your skin is, your hair and nails strengthens. The massive amounts of sleep you get will give you an overall refreshed look.

But most importantly, the best benefit is an outer glow of confidence!



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